Top 3 Competitors: 
The poster series of Plan•it is mainly focus on the issues of pollutions, climate change, energy and biodiversity. These posters let people to re-think what human have done to the planet and everybody has the responsibility to take action to protect this world.
3D application: Look & Feel
4D Application: website layout

Positioning Statement:
Plan•it is an environmental organization that protects the Earth from environmental issues, engaging people to stand on guard for environmental justice, raise awareness of climate change, pollution, and irreplaceable biodiversity. As the fact of the human demand has increased, the earth is running out its natural sources and people need to care about these issues because is slowly happening around us everyday. The organization is to remind, to warn, and to awake people before is too late. 
Brand Promise:
Plan•it insist that each and every resident of Canada deserves a clean, safe environment and can exercise his or her environmental right to make it so. We take action to confront polluters and holding governments to account their promises and insisting they enforce laws.
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