Group Members:
Trevette Deveaux, Heidi Ghafoor, Angel Lai, Daniel Thamotharem, Vivien Wu 

To promote Toronto’s attractions in a more responsible and sustainable way.
Key Message:
1) Showcasing Toronto as a vibrant, diverse city with various attractions.
2) Tourist can experience and enjoy our beautiful neighbourhoods, along with contributing to better our community.
3) Large metropolitan cities face unique and social challenges, one in which Toronto is no different.
For our project, we are set out to link ‘Places of Interest in Toronto with the neighbourhood index data sets. Combing these two data sets we’ll forge a relationship on how these two sets can help one another. Places of Interest and Toronto Attractions, is a database that highlights the places of interest or attractions via categories, i.e. museums, festivals etc. As for the Neighbourhood Index, it is a list of variables, whether it be areas with different financial constraints, to developments or the homeless rate in certain areas around the city.
With pinpointing the relevance of these datasets, it’s important to figure out who the target audiences are. For our project, we aim to target locals and most importantly tourist. With that being said these two targets can be broken down into categories: - Families (parents and children etc.) – looking for an exciting event to take part in during holidays and/or the weekends. Field trips (students and teachers) – The best way to learn is by broadening ones scope; these places of interest and events can do just that (Education has never been more exciting).
In executing our objectives for the datasets, to make it visually applicable to our audience and to get our message across as best as possible...setting the tone is key. Our design must be assessable and convenient, thus we’re designing an illustrative infographic, that is not only colourful, but eye catching and entertaining. This infographic will not only serve as informative, but as a promotional tool. 1) Promoting the city of Toronto as a fun, active place and a hub of interaction. 2) And, it will serve to sort all datasets (festivals /events/ places) by locations.
Our final outcome is then, placement. Where can these infographics be found? - It is our vision that they can be access In High Turnover Rate Areas…In order to make this possible our graphics will be places in high traffic areas such as, i.e: Hotels, airports – welcome centre, travel agents and also at points of interest. This method of merging data – INFOGRAPHIC – is one of the most efficient ways to effectively compartmentalize large amounts of data; and in doing so our efforts will be proven successful.
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